IN 1972.............

Steve Rowley with a Hofner Super Solid 3 (red) taken in 1972.  


"It was my first guitar, I was 17 and I wore it everywhere - including the garden!  I was into heavy bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple at the time, hence the hairstyle.  I didn't really get very far with the Hofner, but that was probably more my fault than the guitar.  My next guitar was an Antoria 335 copy which had a much slimmer neck and an altogether 'easier' feel to my inexperienced hands.  The Hofner was sold through the Melody Maker to someone in Northern Ireland, and I remember the money had to come via  a solicitor who acted as an intermediary - doing business  was hard in those days - not like ebay! I'd like to get another Super Solid 3 one day, just for nostalgia's sake I guess."


33 YEARS LATER.............


Steve Rowley with another (recently acquired) Hofner Super Solid 3 taken in 2005.  


"Well here I am, 33 years later and proudly holding my 'new' Hofner Super Solid Three.  I got it!!  Isn't Ebay wonderful.....  From what I can remember - and certainly from the old photo - it's pretty much identical to my old one; same colour even.  

This latest one has an aluminium scratchplate but I'm not sure what the old one was.  A couple of bonus points on the new one; the Hofner nameplate is on the headstock and the selector switch escutcheon plate is still there.  Unfortunately the tremolo arm is missing on the new one - some you win, some you lose!  Anyone got one? - even to borrow, I could get one made perhaps.  

Incidentally, my dress sense has moved on from 'Status Quo' since '72! I thought it would be fun to ape myself in the other photo as much as possible.  And these days I can play 'Paranoid' AND the solo to 'Alright Now', but not at the same time."