SERIAL No. 15/677

(With thanks to Alex Butt of Brea, California.)

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Very curiously, the centre sections of vinyl (which have been over-painted white) seem to have been a croc-skin or snake-skin pattern originally - look at the unpainted strip where the back would fit in. It may be that very early RSA Truvoice amplifiers used this vinyl, which was dropped in favour of the red/cream scheme but then revived very successfully by Selmer much later for the mid-sixties croc-skin range.

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Note the trademark large pilot light, and the voltage selector for only European voltages.

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The Goodmans Audiom 60 speaker is probably original. The serial number follows a sequence which seems to be common to early Selmers - model number / consecutive amp produced, hence 15 / 677. Valve configuration is ECC83 (3), PL82 (2), and EZ81 (1).
Alex tells us that the amp sounds a little "muffled", probably because it needs attention.

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