In the photo the guitars are -

1961 Hofner Verithin  (Ser. No. 376).
This is fitted with Type 3 pick-ups. The neck may not be the original as it stops short at the body, as found on 4575's. In excellent condition with the usual laquer crazing and a few marks.

1966-67 Hofner Model 4575
This is all original, in lovely condition, only slight crazing. Fitted with 3 Type 511 pick-ups.

Circa 1964 Hofner Model 191
This guitar is not original. It would appear to have been constructed from correct genuine Hofner parts using an old stock body. The obvious difference is in the necks where they have dot markers instead of stripes. This is fitted with 2 Type 510 pick-ups, and a type 3 bass pick-up. may not be original, but it looks good up on the wall.

1959 Hofner Club 50 (Ser. No. 1147).
This is an all original transition model having all 59 attributes with a treble clef headstock. This was found in an attic, is in excellent condition and still has the original strap loops, but unfortunately not the strap. This is fitted with Type 1A plastic pick-ups.

1965 Hofner Senator S Thinline E1 (Ser No. 64).
This is fitted with a Type 510 pick-up. It is in craze free condition and is only missing the scratch-plate. Not many of these around apparently.

1958 Hofner President Electric (Ser. No. 4559).
 My favourite. This beautiful blond guitar is in fabulous condition missing only its scratch-plate. It's fitted with Type 1 wooden pick-ups. When I found this one it was fitted with an aluminium scratch-plate and a Framus palm-vibrato bridge - thankfully the rest of the guitar was virtually unmarked. It currently has a repro bridge that will be replaced when an original comes my way. Beautiful acoustic tone, even when amplified.