With a Hofner Committee on a beach opposite the Bass Rock.

Courtesy of Matt Armstrong.


In order to produce this web-book, I have relied on the huge amount of information and photographs that have been provided to me over the last 22 years for use on my website by the countless fellow-lovers of Höfner  guitars worldwide. It would be impossible for me  to name them all, but they all know who they are and hopefully I have been able to credit them individually in the main website gallery pages against the photos of their own guitars.


In addition, grateful thanks are due to the following for their direct help in the making of this web-book:

Nick Wass of Höfner Germany for his help, support, and friendship. 

Graham Stockley, who provided me with much information and encouragement during his period as Guitar Production Manager at Höfner.

Rob Olsen of CMI in the United States for his help in explaining to me about the development of the more recent Höfner guitar models from the American point of view.

Martin Meckbach of Berlin, Germany for his recollections from his period of work at Höfner.

Guy Audoux and Bruno Betsch for the photographs of their superb Höfner guitar collections

Norbert Schnepel for very generously providing me with the Musikkeller sales photos.

Matt Armstrong for checking the first drafts of this web-book, and for his enthusiasm and encouragement.


Two other people who have also helped me a great deal in the the early days of the Vintage Höfner website, both readily answering my direct (and perhaps naive) questions about all-things Höfner, deserve special mention:

Stephen Candib in Canada who as well as encouraging and helping me develop the Vintage Höfner website, also the  wrote the Die Höfnering webpages way back in the 1990's, and which since then have proved invaluable for Höfner owners like myself when trying to understand the complexities of the Höfner archtop range.

Michael Naglav in Germany who is the author of  "Höfner Guitars - Made in Germany", a book which immediately became the definitive work on Höfner guitars.


The present-day Karl Höfner GbmH & Co, and Klaus Schöller in particular who allowed me to rummage through and scan the company's archive of historical documents and photographs back in 2009.


And finally to Christian and Gerhilde Benker for their hospitality and friendliness towards me during my several visits to Bubenreth.