The chart below shows the various soundhole labels used by Hofner on their classical-style and "Western" Acoustic guitar range between 1952 and 2003. It has been produced as a joint collaboration project with German Vintage Guitar and myself.

 It should be noted that not all round-soundhole guitars left the Hofner workshops with a label, particularly prior to 1966. Therefore please don't be too concerned if your guitar doesn't have one!



1. The date periods given in the table above represent the main periods when each type of label was used. Hofner were rather inconsistent with regards to the labels, particularly with the "ornamental 1966-69" type, and so this should be bourn in minding when seeking a production date for a guitar.

2. The production of German-made Western Acoustic guitars came to an end in 1997, when production of this type of guitar was transferred to the Far East. Production of various ranges of classical-style guitars has been continued to the present day in Germany.

3. As can be seen above, Classical and "Western" guitars supplied to Selmer London were given the same type of labels as used on the Selmer-distributed archtop models. These labels described the model name used by Selmer and also a serial number.


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